Andrew Hall

Davies Family Professor of Political Economy
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Professor of Political Science
Stanford University

I study how to build more effective systems of democratic governance, combining large-scale datasets with econometric and machine-learning tools to quantify and understand how different ways of designing democratic systems affect political and societal outcomes. Specific topics include understanding how to reduce polarization, how to administer elections, how to increase electoral accountability, and the effects of money in politics.

I also work at the intersection of tech and society, advising tech companies, startups, blockchain protocols, and others on how to make better and more socially legitimate decisions, products, and policies. This includes work to design and build governance systems---systems of algorithms, rules, rule-making procedures, appeals processes, and other institutions that shape how people and communities use tech products and how they affect society.

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Academic Publications Working Papers Writing on Tech and Product Governance Book
Current Students (Year 3+) Graduated Students (* = chair)
  • Julia Payson, Assistant Professor, NYU Politics
  • Shea Streeter, Assistant Professor, UMich Polisci
  • Dan Thompson*, Assistant Professor, UCLA Political Science
  • Jesse Yoder*, Research Scientist, Meta Platforms